Warranty Registration Tool

Do you want to implement a warranty registration and tracking system for your products?
EZ Cloud has a fully integrated warranty registration system to register products, track orders, receive and manage reviews, automatically send emails, redirect customers based on reviews, and send coupons to current customers.

Our Warranty Registration tool is a powerful way to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction!

Features Include:

Product Registration
Order Matching
ASIN Matching
Product Rating Capture
Rating Tracking
Customer Redirect for high or low ratings
Automatically send emails to registrants
Send coupons to registrants for retargeting
Track customer information
If you are a seller or a manufacturer you can benefit from using a warranty registration program to guarantee authenticity of products and reduce fraudulent claims. Our system can also be used for tracking issues from lot numbers, sales channels, and warehousing.
Additional Benefits:
Retarget customers that already have your products with complementary products.
Ask customers to rate products to check for overall customer satisfaction and catch issues early.
Send unhappy customers to a customer service page so they can quickly and easily resolve their issues before returning the product or leaving reviews on Amazon, eBay, or social media.

Only pay for what you need.
Select products you want and we
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Total $175