Shipping to fba mix cases

  • are you shipping non case packed items to multiple fba locations and you or your workers or mixing up how much of this item is already in shipment 1 or 2  or is this item missing in 1 of the shipments?
  • are you shipping small items and having a hard time to make sure you shipped the correct count?
  • are you having difficulties to print amazon fnsku stickers for a few items only?
then you might benefit of our fba shipper app here is how the app works
  1. you upload a file of your fba shipment
  2. you can then scan the product upc,fnsku,sku bar code
  3. it will display into what shipment or shipments you need to pack this product and you have a option to then print that product fnsku sticker and select the qty and shipment or shipments you added the item that will help you identify if your shipment is still missing of this product or when you scan next this product it will pop up witch shipment or shipments is still  missing this item
  4. you can use the system to count qty by just scanning each item you can also set to auto print the fnsku sticker after you scan the product
  5. it supports printing to zebra printers or avery 5160 30 per page format
  6. its google app engine optimized so you can host it free (if you dont overuse it otherwise thier is a small monthly server fee)