Shipment Management

The Shipment Tracking System is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the process of tracking shipments and determining any issues shipments. With its integrated capabilities, the system brings together carrier information and the order data of GoFlow, providing a centralized platform for efficient shipment tracking. Besides GoFlow we can integrate you system for an additional fee. The goal of the Shipment Tracking System is to check carrier info and GoFlow in one place, which will help in determining any issues with your shipments to be able to handle them asap.
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Main functions:
Tracking numbers
Tracking order numbers of the following carriers:
Sorting shipments
Multiple types of shipment sorting: Overdue/Not overdue shipments, No movement for 5 days, Shipment status, Arrived late.
Delivery time
Option to compare: Actual delivery date (meaning when the shipment was actually delivered) and Expected delivery date (Carrier-declared delivery date).

Select the number of shipment to track per month

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