Automated Price Maker

eCommerce pricing doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply enter your cost information and desired profit margin and let Price Maker by EZ Cloud do the rest. This easy-to-use tool will calculate the exact price needed for your listings. Including: marketplace and shipping fees, currency conversions, product costs and rules based on whether your product is older than 90 days. This tool is built to work seamlessly with Amazon, eBay, PayPal Shipping and more.

Plans & Pricing

Simply enter your cost information to change or sync your cost information to Amazon, eBay, Walmart, bespoke websites, Google Express, Google Docs and more.

How Many SKUs?


Any Add-ons?

  • Small and Light Calculator


    Easily compare fees and profits if selling through FBA fulfillment.

  • Weight Automation


    Automatically get weights from Amazon on items not in your FBA.

  • Warehouse Synchronization


    Automatically sync warehouse data and rules from SellerCloud.

  • Pay Annually


    Pay annually and get one month free

Only Pay for What You Need:


What Does The Automated Price Maker Tool Include?

The EZ Cloud Automated Pricer supports Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, and even your own website. This pricemaker is also adaptable for eBay through software integrations. Easily modify variables and generate accurate pricing maintaining margins and keep ahead of the competition on any marketplace.

  • Automatic pricing adjustments by fulfilment and referral fee monitoring.

    Maintainance minimum advertised price (MAP).

  • Profitability and pricing analysis.

    Automatically synchronize item costs from your Inventory Control system.

  • Customizable price adjustments on aging inventory to minimize storage fees. Increase ROI by turning old inventory into cash.

    Auto detection if SKU is Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) and we can use a different shipping template to calculate a proper price within your target margin.

  • No Buy Box? We`ll automatically increase price floor when inventory is unavailable to avoid re-pricers going to minimum price.

    When an item hits its expiration age, we create an automatic removal order to avoid paying long storage fees.

  • Support for cross-border selling. We can add and calculate the country’s shipping cost, apply the correct VAT, as well as Amazon cross-border fulfillment fee.

We’re Offering You Solutions

So you can save time and money.

Our Automated Price Maker Works With...

The EZ Cloud Automated Pricer supports a number of existing integrations to offer you something new. We work with and in addition to your existing repricer tools to provide an unbeatable and flexible service.

We offer the personalized and customized service that`s only attainable when working directly with the software consultant and developer. As a small custom software development company, we`ll collaborate with you to modify features and functionality of our existing software to align with your business needs and processes. Avoid long upgrade and enhancement waits, working with an expedient team committed to implementing modifications immediately — even if you`re the only customer requesting it. We also handle all technical support issues in-house, so you`re assured optimal business continuity and productivity. We go the extra mile, making sure every support ticket is fully reviewed by the program developer because they`re the most qualified to advise on the best resolution.

Disclaimer: the Pricemaker project is not affiliated with SellerCloud or informed in any way. All company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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